About me…

Hey there! If you are here, you probably know me.

But in case you don’t, I like to thing I am a normal person, with no extraordinary skills that one day gathered all the courage she could manage together and set off.

I left my apartment in Dublin, all the comforts that routine brings and everything and everyone I knew. I quitted my job and then went back to Spain to spend some quality time with the family. And once I all that was done, there was only one more thing to do: start a journey to the unknown, alone. A journey with no end but my own, no limits but my owns. I have pushed everything I kwew and I am putting myself through new adventures. These are no holidys, although they look like. This is a learning process I will go through to see more of the world but also more of myself. To change that I don’t like about me and discover parts of me I didn’t know they existed.

The exchange, the difference and the unknown are my GOALS. 

This blog, this website, is my diary. I probably don’t write here daily and I don’t advise anybody, not even my own. This is the place where I can reflect my own thoughts, where I can analyze the strong emotions that will be washed away in a couple of days by more strong emotions. This is the only way to record my feelings, my thoughts and my learning process. But also a good way to keep people updated and invited to my life.

If you are reading me, understand this: whatever is written here is been part of my journey. And because of that, it is important.

If you wish to contact me, I am available at lopezcano.vir@gmail.com