One of those important days

Today is one of those key days of many to come. First of July. The day the government opens the applications for paperwork to get the visa. The day everything can start.

I spent last night applying for that thing without having a clue what I was doing. Insecurities are out now: Did I do it correctly? Did I introduce everything I was asked? Did they receive everything? Did it get through, or maybe too many applications before mine?

I am waiting for a confirmation, biting my fingers (I have no nails left). I am also waiting to get results for my English exam, which was another requirement for the visa. Oh, and results for my postgrad are due today or on Monday. I am freaking out, waiting for so many things. Because I can be many things, but definitely I am not known for being a patient person.

However, waiting is all that can be done. In the meantime, I mean to keep looking at flights. That’s the next step, get flights to get away! And counting days and say goodbye to my job, to my house, to my friends here and there, and say hello to my family to, thereafter, say goodbye.

All that goes with the butterflies in my stomach. I can’t stop thinking of adventures, and new places, and things I will do and people I will meet… And the feeling is pure happiness. Expectations about not knowing what to expect. Expecting the unknown and the new and the scary and frightening. At the same time I don’t want this feeling to be over, I can’t wait anymore.


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