And the smile grows bigger


That’s what I have been told at work. “Your smile goes bigger every day”. Well, I can see why! I will be finishing work in a week. Exactly a week. Flights booked. Back to my beloved Madrid and a month after off to India. Adventures are only starting now! And that makes me smile. I am making dreams come true.


Fears that might have been there, don’t exist anymore. I am sure they will be back when the time gets closer, but for now I have enough emotions to handle. I mean, I feel excited, happy, impatient, sad, disappointed (I might not get my Working Holiday visa to Australia, bloody bureaucracy!! Maybe I should call it bureauCRAZY), emotive and already nostalgic. Although I can affirm that happiness is in between all those, and probably the most frequent, the only thought of leaving the city where I have lived for over 4 years now…the city where I have grown professionally, but also personally, big time! Not only the comfort I have known for a few years is what I am forsaken now, but I am leaving friends behind that I don’t know if I will meet again. Marvellous  and incredible people that make my life so much better and that most likely won’t be here should I decide to come back in…let’s say a year or two.


Overall, the feelings are great  just when I only think this is happening, this is the adventure of my life and it’s just getting better. But tears have already been shed when saying goodbye to a friend that I barely see due to different circumstances but it’s been a pillar when I was in need of support. I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be from now on with the rest of my friends.


I guess there is always more than happiness behind every smile and not everything could be perfect, could it???? 😀 I am in countdown mode!!!!!


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