Leaving ‘not-home’

A week and a half ago, the night I left Dublin was intense. As the drama-queen that I am, especially with the farewells, I had to cry. Cry a lot. And when people left my house it just happened that I started to write in my facebook a post that I will copy here, because it seems appropiate to keep the record here as well.



I arrived to Dublin being still a child, just graduated. And I can’t say I am leaving being a woman or at least a sane one. This place has seen me growing, and at this stage has probably seen the Best and the worst of me. It’s become home, as much as it hurts to say it. However I cannot say I will be missing Dublin. No. But I wll be missing all the amazing People I have come across in this Journey. All those that have pass briefly but left something and all those that I have met to stay in my life. All. Because even the person that stayed 5 min had an impact. Although those that have stayed around will be missed the most. Some time ago I read “it’s not the place. It’s the magical combination of moments and People what you’ll miss”. And that’s exactly what I Will miss. Not you, Dublin, with your rainy days and those few sunny ones that everybody dies for and are so special. But the magical combination of the place, the moments and the People. And that’s why I leave with a heavy heart though with great plans ahead and a bit of a smirk cause….you know….the best is yet to come.
See you all soon.


I’m back to Madrid now. Life is amazing here. And hot!

Family time is quality and some time with friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time is just all I need.  I love to keep getting everything I can of the moment I am.


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