First Days’ Chronics

The arrival to airport Delhi was chaotic and lacking any kind of sense. Looking for a place to stay the night at the airport, as it was late and I had been strongly adviced against taking a taxi to the city, I started to become more familar with the way things work in India: officers send you somewhere else, where they will be doing the same. By the time I realised leaving the arrivals area had been a mistake it was too late. You cannot come inside with luggage. Even if you just left. Even if you have to use an ATM. Or any other excuse you want to give to the officer. Departures was even worse because you cannot get in unless you have a ticket for next day. Officers don’t care if you just didn’t print the ticket or any other excuse you want to make up, again using my inventive skills. The result was to sleep somewhere in between departures and a private lounge I couldn’t have access to for the all same reasons than before.

By the time you realize you are going to spend the night surrounded by Indian men it’s funny how you go through several stages:

First stage: SUPER POWERS. Yes, you believe you have super powers. Because, bah, it´s only 4 hours that I have to stay awake, that´s nothing. It doesn´t matter that you spend 11 hours flying plus 3 hours of stopover plus you woke up at 3am the day before to catch the early morning plane, plus with the nerves you didn´t get sleep. YOU’LL GET THROUGH, NO NEED TO SLEEP. But you don’t have superpowers and then go to the next stage

Second stage: WHEN IN ROME… You just look around and start checking. The most nomal thing is to lay on the floor and let the sleep come. Or the chats. Or the snores! Indian men everywhere, even when the corners are full, they just sit and lay on the middle, it´s okay. So I do, find a nice column that offers protection and extend my linen mummy thing. The night is starting and this is normal

Third stage: ENTERTEINMENT. You look for something to do, trying to keep yourself busy. Eat. Read. Anything, really. Wi-Fi is crap. I abandon this stage.

Fourth stage: SLEEP. Obviously you cannot combat the sleep anymore. Though people talking and the cars horning all the time don´t make easy the stage, you prepare yourself to embrace the sleep. Dear earplugs, you are life savers!

Fifth stage: WAKEY WAKEY! Some man sleep talking actually wakes you up. Even if you had earplugs on. This people have a different perception of noise, they made that clear through the night. Anyways, it´s 5 am and the day is about to start.

By 6 am I leave the airport. On my way to the metro I met a Frenchie girl, Jade, who will be my companion for a few days more! I made a friend the minute after leaving the airport, well done!

On our arrival to Delhi and search for a hostel in the famous area of Main Bazar or Pahargang, we see, in this order: Monkeys! WOW. Dogs. Dirty little bastards that I do not trust. And COWS! My first cow in India, I thought! The day started well and people were super nice at that time of the day. I didn´t know what was about to come.


Cow in Pahargang

As the day pass by and we walk by the city, to meet up my couchsurfer friend Sirena, Delhi will become annoying, frustrating and exasperating.  People just want to rip you off and if you listen to everybody, Delhi is super dangerous (you should take my friends´s rickshaw). They can help you to find stuff (Just come to my friend´s tourist office, he has a map). And all kind of lies just trying to get you into something that would result in their benefit. But I started with a nice taste of the menu here. Look! Indian Thali!

DSCF0001 Indian Thali. Primera comida india.JPG

Indian Thali

On my second day in Delhi I couldn´t wait to get out of it. I didn´t have any proper sleep and avoid being scammed was the only thing to think about on every step you were taking. I don’t even want to talk about the place where I barely could get sleep. I did overcome some of my fear to certain bugs and to kill them (I hate to kill them, why are they crunchy!??? Grossss) However, the third day was easy and relaxed, just walking by nice gardens and enjoying ourselves. Good ending at least for such a chaos. But to spice things up, Sirena and I would travel by sleeper bus to the next destination: Amritsar. The bus journey was….something else! No doubt it was an experience, although I would say it´s more than an adventure to take a 9h journey by non AC bus and…..No bathroom!!! Absolute nightmare that resulted just alright! Look our lovely compartment! Sooo comfy…



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