Agra, the city with the most romantic story ever

I took a train from Varanasi to Agra, not without incidents, as I actually took someone else’s berth and ended up being awake in the middle of the night to find out I was in the correct berth, the number was right but….not in the correct compartment! After changing, I had a nice surprise: my berth neighbour was a Finnish guy that had been in the same hostel I did in Varanasi. Happy days! After getting off the train and find another girl travelling from Varanasi to Agra, we ended up being a nice group of 5 people: all of us ready to see the Taj Mahal!

I have no words (as usual, this country is leaving me speechless) to describe the perfection of it. You cannot take a bad picture of it. Every corner, every detail, every single part of it is perfect and beautiful.

I have to say that it might not be that impressive only because of the huge amount of pictures I have already seen of it. But what makes it perfect is the details. The green of the gardens against the purest white and a blue sky that is bluer than in other cities as Agra has lots of traffic restrictions.


The authentic adventure in Agra started when I confirmed my suspicions: the chosen guest house was just starting getting in business. In fact, 15 days they had been open. The family running the business was making huge efforts to make us comfy. It started with sweets and kept going with cigars. Indian cigars that they make drying and rolling some tree leaves. I can say they are delicious and I cannot either confirm or deny if they have any kind of further effects. Then, they prepared for us the most strangest Thali I have ever seen (and probably will see) It had even spaghettis!! Hilarious and not very tasty, plus food was cold, as in the breakfast and next day food. What makes me wonder if they like cold food in Agra…

Anyhow, I had to say goodbye to most of my friends but Miko, the Finnish guy whom I would share the next day until we were sick of walking and had to separate to go to different train stations.

By then, my nightmare started, with a train that was delayed and that would end up being almost 7 hours late! By midnight in the station, after so much waiting was almost empty and started getting pretty dark. Then, a rat came out of nowhere and pass right below my knees. I wanted to die! But that was not enough, a filthy dirty dog started chasing up the rat around me! And as the cherry on top of the cake, I found out that the rat was not alone and there were many. I got to see 5 I think. After that, I only could think how badly I wanted my train to arrive, how much I wanted to cry and how tired I was to do it.

After 7 hours of waiting, my train got me to Jaipur in 5 hours! The door to the state of Rajastan is almost opened! And I have realised how much India has been teaching me. India is not about the sighseeing. It’s all about experiences and learning. And if there is something I am learning, that’s patience!



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