Jodhpur & Jaisalmer

These days have been fast. I am travelling fast and not spending any time alone. I have two fantastic travelling buddies: Nicolo and Elia. Elia and Nicolo. My two Italian Ragazzi and I are exploring the inner Rajastan to end up meeting in Udaipur with Marta and Adriana and spend Diwali together. That’s our goal, to get there and celebrate Diwali and that is why I am moving so fast now.

Starting by the beginning, I spent a day in Jodhpur, the blue city. The same way that I thought Jaipur was quite disappointing, Jodhpur was quite a surprise. It was a little blue gem hidden and undervalued in Rajastan. The city was kind of tidy, kind of nice and looked like there was people there, taking care of the city. The architecture was beautiful and I enjoyed walking around and looking at buildings for the first time since I arrived here. The Fort was at the top of the city, standing still and old and reminding me to other cities in Europe of the like. The visit to the Fort is compulsory and it reveals you why Jodhpur is the blue city: All roofs and walls are painted with the same blue colour. It’s simply beautiful and the palace brought me memories of my dear Alhambra in Granada.


Blue, blue everywhere

A day was what we had and the Fort basically occupied all our attention. And it was impossible to neglect the fact that wherever you looked, it was there, waiting for more and more years to come. I have to say it was a hard journey for me, as I had been just drinking water for 3 days and my body was weak. But there was no way I could miss it.


The Fort at night

The next train, this time a sleeper overnight train, brought us to Jaisalmer, the Golden city or the city in the bloody desert I called it. An unexpected jeep was waiting for us in the train station. The lift in the jeep gave us the chance to realise that Jaisalmer was actually a pretty city. As Jodhpur, there was someone taking care of it. The city brought me memories of my days in Morocco. The golden Fort walls were enclosing a market and the dry climate around were opening the doors of desert for us. The first night, we took a camel safari and got ready for one of the most magical and incredible nights in my life.


Kiss kiss! Camel kiss

The camels were waiting for us: Mister India, Mister Free and Kalu got ready for Nicolo, me and Elia respectively. Mr Free was just like me, impatient and trying to get ahead of the first camel. It was funny to receive a camel to be identified with! Then, in my love-hate relationship with animals, I got bit by Kalu in one side of my upper body. The camel was just “playing” and didn’t hurt, but f*ck, that was scary, Kalu!


An hour or an hour and a half on camel we arrived to a few sand dunes from where we would see the sunset. After admiring the dunes, a camp fire was set and people started to cook our dinner. As it was getting darker, more stars were coming out. The fact that was almost New Moon made everything much better. Dinner was served under millions of bright stars and a visible Milky Way: a few appetizers and a thali. The best part came after with the chat and some music with improvised instruments around the fire. Then, our beds were waiting for us and the most magical part was this, as it was cold and the covers were providing with enough, but your cold cheeks and head and the feeling of sleeping rough, with nothing else around you, with no civilization, with no protection, with no noise and with those amazing views! To open my eyes two or three times during my sleep and see that amazing sky in front of my eyes was the best feeling ever.


Sunset in the desert

In the morning, we were awaken with some chai followed by breakfast, to take back our camels and get back to civilization. My camel was changed for Lalu, a more relaxed camel that Mr. Free. Back to the real world with a new friend we met, Maritza the Chilean, who joined the group to follow us to Udaipur.

In the evening, we got some Bang Lassi that did nothing and didn’t taste even good. And then, we had a really good time drawing and laughing in the rooftop of the hostel. Next day we don’t have much time and we are departing to Udaipur. We are ready for our particular Diwali and we’ll even exchange presents!


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