Bundi was that place that wasn’t in my radar at all and suddenly I was picturing myself there. Not touristy at all, I actually could feel the warmth of the people, the genuinely curious stares at me and the great chatty people of the town. Bundi was the stop between Udaipur and the big wedding I was invited to in Jaipur. It is in the middle and small and because of that it was perfect for a two days stop.

The trip couldn’t start any better: When I got in the train I realised I had the whole compartment full of teenagers. It was a school trip and they were all surrounding me from minute zero. The 5 and half hours of quiet time for me, for reading, for music….turned out in 5 hours and a half of fun. It was a non-stop of questions, talking, interesting chats, getting to know each other… They were a group from Ahmedabad going to Shimla for trekking during the holidays they get after Diwali. They enquired about everything, they wanted me to speak guyarati, they wanted pictures of course! It was so much fun! The first girl in introducing to me was actually the one that impacted me the most. She had been told not to speak with any Indian person in the train and advised against the people in the train. But her favourite hobbie was to speak to foreigners and she was speaking to me all the way to Bundi. The teachers with them became aware of this and tried to get them to leave me alone. But I didn’t want to, I was having too much fun. They shared with me all the food their mums had prepared for them, they wanted me to tried everything. We spoke about food, about jokes, about music, about my country, about how proud they were to be guyarati, about what you can do in their city and amazing it was, about people, about hobbies, about languages. They tried to teach me their language. It shocked me that this little girl was also asking me about my religion, how I practise and how she actually believes in Jesus although she is Hindu. The chats became deeper that many chats I have had with people of my age. And I was surprised of how respectful they were to me. Teenagers in Europe are not like that at all! When the time came, I actually felt sorry to have to leave the train, but Shimla was too far away and I had a wedding to go to. So Bundi it is!


Waterfall in Bundi. Can you see me behind it???

And Bundi surprised me as well. The morning, I got up and a couple of couples were staying in my guest house were going to a waterfall. I had to join them, of course! And it was amazing. Although the waterfall was surrounded by monkeys, which I didn’t appreciate and I armed myself up with a stick. Food out was out of the question, no food, that could wait! We got to swim to the waterfall and I have to say I wasn’t prepared for that. I was in my bikini, as if I were in Benidorm. What the hell I was thinking, bikini or not, this is still India. So I had to go quite fast into the water despite how cold it was because there were 10 Indian men staring at me and taking pictures. The swim was nice and I felt like I was somewhere else. Then, I got to swim across the waterfall and go behind it. Beautiful, it was like being in a movie!


So excited about getting into the freezing water!

Next day I visited the palace and the fort with some French guys I met on my way to Bundi as well. The Fort was ruined in the middle of the forest and lots of monkeys were around. I am quite sure that should I not met them, I would have not visited the Fort. But it was super cool, we got sticks again and I actually felt like in a video game.


The Fort was taken by monkeys!

Next day I was leaving early, very early to Jaipur. I felt lazy about it: I didn’t want to go to Jaipur AGAIN. I didn’t want to leave this beautiful small town and I felt I wanted to stay to have chats with a lot of genuine people that lives there. But I had to, I had a wedding to go and that would be also quite an experience! So, one more train, this time I slept the whole way to Jaipur.


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