Hampi, don’t worry be Hampi!

That’s what the locals say: Don’t worry, be Hampi. I bet they say so because of the magical wild place they live in. They are so lucky! This place is the perfect combination that a river offers between the jungle and the chaos of giant rocks while they are mixed with hundreds of temples. It makes you think what was here so long ago, what the reason is behind so many temples and how the rocks are so perfectly ordered at the same time they are spread all over. I cannot upload any picture that shows all that. But your imagination flies when looking at this place.


First day at my arrival I decided to walk with no direction, willing to get lost a bit in the landscape that was before me. Then, I decided to go towards the Monkey Temple, as I heard it was good. Some people told me it was far and I should rent a motorbike, but I had all day ahead of me and not much more to do, so I decided to go walking. On my way, the guy I was chatting up in the hostel in the morning stopped by with his motorbike and offered me a lift until some shop in the way. I accepted it, delighted. He had some business to do in the shop but this one was closed and as he didn’t have any further plans than that he took me to the temple. The way up to the temple was almost 600 steps, so I was truly thankful that I made my way by bike instead of walking. But the views at the top were so worth it! It left me breathless (literally) and couldn’t stop looking at everywhere, seeing how the rocks were following no pattern, no order, but still were ordered somehow. I thought it was magical. The river crossing by and the temples and ruins spread all over the landscape along with jungle and rice fields. I just fell in love with Hampi right away.


That was the day and I got to have a fresh coconut with my new friend on our way back. I found out that this man was actually the yogi teacher in the guest house I was staying! The night arrived after a quiet afternoon and I went out looking for some cheap grub, but instead I ended up in the motorbike of the guy that is in the climbing shop in front of the guest house. He was on his was on his way to the “secret beach” which turned out to be a camp site next to the lake. He left me driving the motorbike and the thing started getting scary because I didn’t know the road anymore and he started taking paths through the fields. When we got there, a few Indian guys were over there smoking and also an Indian girl, which made me be easier about the situation, as I was a bit freaked out about being there with so many unknown people in the middle of nowhere in the most absolute darkness. I just made up an excuse to go after an hour or so, saying I had an important skype call for business. The plan was cool and we set a fire ourselves and everything, but they wanted me to stay with them there to sleep and I didn’t feel comfortable for whatever reason. But I didn’t have any dinner, I was hungry and when they mentioned food I said I would go with them for food. So, back to the bike, we went to a “restaurant” that was a hut in the middle of some road with no light at all. There was no way you could know that was even there. Food wouldn’t be ready in a while and he decided to take me to his friends, where they showed me some business they would start running in a few days consisting of a water tank where you would float and lose all senses to produce endorphins. He went away and left me there for about 15 minutes. I was not sure what was going on and really wanted to arrive to my guest house. The couple in the house were nice, but everything was too odd. The guy came back and we went to this restaurant, where we had a very good thali and when the time for paying came I had to actually pay everything. It was not too much, but I wasn’t happy about it. Anyways, I wanted to get out of the situation, so I just didn’t care too much. Everything was fine and I arrived to my place and the guy came back to the “secret beach”.

Next day I got to visit the other side of the river of Hampi. I was planning to go on a tour in bicycles but at the end I felt lazy about it and about paying so much money and I just starting walking after catching the taxi boat (the only way to cross Hampi). I visited a cool temple where they had Laksmi, a 27 years old elephant that I had the chance to pet. No pictures of this, as to take pics inside the temple costs extra and I usually never pay that, I feel it is not necessary to pay extra for pics, especially when travelling alone. After I found myself being taken pics and selfies with a group of Indians that would even tell me how to pose for the pictures and make a whole album for me. At the entrance of the temple before I would come across an Indian guy that I would find again visiting the ruins. He was on his own and said he was bored and I invited him to come along with me. We visited the ruins together and he was great company taking pictures of me everywhere. I think he had never walked so much before and I possible made him walk too much. It was funny the way we were taking 5 minutes every now and then, sheltered in the shadow. This was the first time I was wearing shorts in India and my legs drew lots of attention, I can tell. Apparently, white legs are sexy and mines were more than white! By the time we finished, he was expecting a kiss and so he told me. Obviously it was not going to happen but I was more than surprised when he got to ask me if a kiss was lip to lip and what you feel like. Sweet and cute. Thanks to him I got to learn a bit more about the Hindi religion and the culture.


Elephant stables



My Italian friends arrived but we couldn’t see each other until later in the afternoon. They crossed the river and came to my side, where we enjoyed some lunch together and spotted the sunset from some rocks where some cute kids were selling chai.


The reunion with Elia and Nicolo brought good memories and we caught up quickly to spend the night laughing and chatting up. Next morning I checked out and while they wanted to rent some bikes to see the temples at the other side of the river, I just walked up to a hill and trekked around nowhere enjoying my time.


On top of the hill


Selfie time



Then, time to say goodbye again, bye bye my ragazzi. As the train was really early in the morning and commuting options are quite limited, I decided to spend the night before in Hospet, so things would be easy in the morning. I stayed in some place without wifi and I found myself not freaking out so much about it with the exception of saying to my family I was fine and everything was ok. I could survive without it and use the time for catching up with my writing, which was becoming more and more delayed. I am getting very lazy with the only thing I need to do and that makes me think it is going to be hard to get back to do some work at some point in my life….Anyways, I am on my way to magical summery Goa!


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