Gokarna, the perfect sunset

To reach Gokarna I had to take 3 local buses and one train. This would be the second last train I would take during my stay in India and I was about to miss it. Difficult as it was, I reached the station doing hitch-hiking for the first time in my life and then I met a guy that was in the same coach than me. Eventually, only one minute before the scheduled departure, I got in the train.

The train was late and it took a while until its departure (no surprise here). I was very sweaty and trying to catch my breath. 20 minutes it took until somebody came in and asked me if I was alone and if I didn’t mind to swap seats with him, as his family was in the same area I was sitting and he was at the beginning of the coach. Of course I didn’t mind, no problem!

And here it is the universe, laughing at me, because when I swap I found out that my new neighbour was the same guy that I met in my frenetic moment of rush and craziness thinking I would miss the train. Coincidence enough, it was the excuse to start the conversation and we chatted for the two hours that my journey would last. There weren’t enough coincidences as more would come up as we were speaking and the situation became too funny to ignore it. At my stop, he would get off with me and spend some time with me and with my friends, who already were there. And so, I got off the train in a station in the middle of nowhere, making use of no platform, no idea why but it was too dark and the train had a two minutes stop, so I didn’t really have time to ask where the platform was.

My new friend and I shared the tuktuk and thank God he was there because first, it was bloody expensive and second, it was dark and bumpy and in the middle of nowhere (as usual) and generally speaking it would have freaked me out should I had been alone. Once in the destination, Om beach, we appointed our tuktuk driver with the best we knew about the whereabouts of my friends and he took us to the guest house, but 5 minutes after we found out they were not there and it was too dark to search for them. Yes, I did try the phone a few times but there was no way to contact them. Plus, there was no Wi-Fi in the guest house because guess what: it wasn’t really a guest house; it was a restaurant with huts in the beach, like every place in Om Beach. That really freaked me out since it was my mum’s birthday and I didn’t say anything to her in the morning because she wouldn’t have woken up in Spain. So, that became my priority at my arrival and I didn’t stop until I got somebody to give me some of his Wi-Fi to send an audio by whatsapp to my mum. After that, I could be happy but I couldn’t not say anything to her, especially a big happy birthday. Next, big shower after all the running like a crazy around Goa and all the transportations I got and some dinner and I left for next day the difficult task of finding my Italian friends. It was a lovely night sleeping in a hut with the sound of the waves in the background.


Om Beach, with the shape of….an Om!

Next morning we had the task of finding an ATM, which only happened to be in Gokarna town, quite far from where we were staying. It was a nice long walk through a couple of beaches to get there and once we got to the town, we just came across Nicolo and Elia! Happy days, we were all together! Back to our place, we could only enjoy ourselves in the beach and change my guest house for something a bit more on budget, in the same place the guys were staying and with Wi-Fi. It was a win-win. My new friend Esha was going to take his train back to his hometown and I stayed to enjoy the sea. When I came out of the ocean, he was back there for my surprise. He missed his train and to stay until the morning next day.


My lovely new house

The days in Gokarna passed not as fast as usual, playing Frisbee, enjoying the se, the heat, the sun and the live the beach had around, especially in the evenings where everybody (usually Israelites) were playing Frisbee or with a hula-hoop or doing some juggling. Some of them had been there for a long time and they were amazing to watch. But the thing that impressed me the most every single day was the sunset. When the sun was going down, the sky was getting dressed in almost every possible colour: Orange, redish, peach, pink, purple….Colours were changing at the same time the sun was hiding and made you feel that could stay there forever just to watch it every day.


Beautiful sunset

One of the days, with so much of doing nothing but sleeping and eating, we decided to go for a bit of trekking and see the two further beaches. We got some proper views from Om Beach, which is called like that because it looks like an Om. Then we got to some cliffs and got the see the dolphins swimming in the same sea we had done the same, only a few metres further. And finally and after some wilderness and rock climbing we got to Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. This last one with nothing at all on it. No restaurants, no guest houses…Just people that had gone there to spend the day and people staying in tents and hammocks.


Nice views and nice rocks to treck by!


Paradise Beach

The day of leaving Om Beach arrived and I was feeling the lack of adventures so I was happy but I only wanted to see a last sunset and then carry my backpack through the sand to take my rickshaw to the bus station, where I would take a local us to the train station. It was a bit inconvenient that the last bus was departing at 8pm while my train was scheduled to depart at 1am…. So when I arrived to Kumta, the town where the railway station is, I found a place to eat and headed to the station to spend a veeery long time waiting for the train….that would be delayed on top of that. But this was my last train in India and I was willing to enjoy it, so I took my time to write, to do some henna on my hand, to read, to listen to music…And to enjoy the time for myself until my arrival to the state of Kerala, the last state I will visit in India at the moment. Time is running out and I already feel melancholy.

India, I am not gone and I am missing you!!!!!


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