Krabi with its micro-climate

Moved for the desire of getting a less touristy town than others in the area, I arrived to Krabi town. At my arrival, I was tired enough of being in the van and decided to go for a walk, knowing that there was not much close enough but the weekend market and, sadly, my stay would not fall in the weekend. There were markets food everywhere and went for food with a German guy in the hostel. On the way back, we just chilled in the room, until another guy checked in and made the alarms sound: bedbugs! I thought he was a bit paranoid and it was probably okay as the sheets were white and clean and there were not signs of anything on the mattresses. But I became a bit paranoid as well and the pieces started fitting. I started checking every single place in the woods of the bed frame and when I was not looking, some bug made appearance. F*ck. Small as it was, I killed it and caught it to examine it. Kept looking at the bed frame to realise this was their home: I found a big one already dead or maybe its skin. That was enough, I could not carry bedbugs during my trips and I already had been sitting on the bed half of the day. Sh*t. I came down to the reception with the guy that started the hunt and showed the lovely woman in charge of the hostel the bugs. She seemed to know what I was talking about and came up the stairs to look at the room, as it was dirty. It couldn’t be cleaner, but unfortunately that was not the issue as I tried to explain to her. She offered to change bunks but I didn’t want to stay in the dorm, they would be spread. So she offered a private room with no air con. I inspectioned the mattress of the new room and seems of a different material, so that made me settle a bit to stay there. Then, I felt sorry for the other guy that had been next to me during the whole process. There were no more rooms available and I finally offered him to share if that was okay with him but he just responded that he likes to have his own bed. Well, it was going to be awkward, better this way.

I woke up next day all paranoid again and went down for breakfast, where I found out that she was not offering me to stay here the two nights I had booked in but only the previous night (“tonight” which sounds quite similar). That was a huge mistake that was nobody’s fault, so I went up to pack my things and change places. I was decided not to stay in the dorm.

In the middle of getting my breakfast and packing my things to get to another place, I met a guy in the reception that just arrived to the hostel. I made conversation with him, talked about the bedbugs so at least he was aware and from there we just became best friends, because I invited him to come to the Tiger Cave with me and as he didn’t have any other plans he did.


The Tiger Cave, where there is also a Buddhist Temple that was more like Las Vegas

Boris and I explored the surroundings of the Cave and then made it to the top of the mountain. 1260 steps took us to the Temple situated at the top. We had to make a few stops on our way, plus it was rainy and extremely humid. Bloody rain!!!


No, I didn’t count the steps, somebody else did!


In the top! Yeah!

On the way back we decided to meet for dinner and get some cheap grub at one of the local street markets. After a walk around in a place where it seemed there was nothing to do, we found another market that also had a stage next to it, where there was a guy with a guitar, a girl singing and a computer. The performance was hilarious, he was completely shy and timid, she was super authentic and with her beautiful voice was singing but at the same time she looked so unsure about what to do on the stage with her body. Then she would just not rap and say, in the middle on the song: “Sorry, I cannot rap” in between a bunch of other Thai words that obviously we were not getting. We spent the night having a beer and looking at all this and enjoyed ourselves. The show was over at 10 pm and we got the chance to talk to the singer and make of ourselves her fans number one! And we found out she would be there again next day, so it was settled we would be there to see her again. The other funny thing about the show is that, like any other show in Thailand, it ends up with the hymn of the Royal House and everybody stops with whatever they are doing and keep standing quiet in respect to the King. Then, when it finishes, there is always a confused person in the public (tourist, of course) that will attempt to clap.

Next day I joined Boris to Railay Beach. We took a long tail boat in the morning and arrived to the beautiful peninsula of Railay, which actually can only be accessed by boat so it is like an island. The beaches were amazing and the weather cleared up a bit. We agreed there was a micro-climate in Krabi that kept the clouds and the rain coming. After a nice morning in the beach we explored the town for food, got a Pad Thai and Boris taught me how to use the sticks properly. Finally!! Great teacher he is!


All set in the long tail boat, where are we going?

Our next step would be a nice “trekking” to a lagoon. When we arrived to the place we found out that the word trekking was a bit light and it was a proper climb up. Plus, the previous day it had been raining and it was all muddy. I got a bit scared and had my doubts on the whole thing. Then we saw people coming down, covered in mud. We checked with them and some non-professional climbers had made it to the viewpoint with not much difficulty while some professional-looking ones were ensuring it was not safe to go to the lagoon without proper equipment. So decided to leave the lagoon alone and go only to the viewpoint, which seemed hard enough. Apparently, Boris’ cousin had done it ok before and without proper shoes. We wondered how, as the thing was getting complicated. I took my white shirt off and stayed in my bikini’s top, there was too much mud for a white T-shirt. And slowly but surely, we made our way to the top. The way was slippery and you had to use your arms strength to lift you up and/or a rope, but what a fantastic feeling when we made it to the top. We made it together and we both thought we would have not done it in the case we had come separately, with no company. All muddy as we were, we put some mud as well in our cheeks and it didn’t matter! We were having fun. And we enjoyed the views of the beautiful peninsula and the two main beaches and then, down we go again.




Once there, we discovered another little beach and made our way between the monkeys to see the beautiful Phra Nang Beach, where we first washed out all the mud not without difficulties. Then, we checked the Princess cave, which consisted pretty much in a phallus Temple. On our way we had seen lots of people, especially girls, posing and taking selfies with stupid faces. When I saw the cave I knew what I wanted was a picture there, praying, so I would show to my friends. That’s me, yup.



Lastly, in my effortless attempt to feel Christmasy, we got to sing a couple of Christmas songs on the beach. Quite fun, we also had our publiv I think, because people were looking at us like we were crazy…

We said goodbye to a beautiful beach and a fantastic adventure day and got back to Krabi town on the last boat. We would meet up later for dinner and our expected show of our favourite singer, which we enjoyed so much! Unfortunately, she told us that that was the last day and we only could get from her a few more last songs.

My last day in Krabi I took it super easy and got my stuff done. That means I was catching up with stuff in my computer, planning my travellings, investigating countries and stuff, buying tickets to get out and booking things out. I went for a walk or two, but the weather was crap. It was kind of depressing, bloody micro-climate! My lovely buddy Boris was in a tour and I would meet him for dinner. When he arrived to Krabi he had been told that there was a traditional market so went straight away there and found out that it was ANOTHER food market. It was our farewell. We separated ways and it was a pitty, because this guy was genuine and fun! Hopefully I get to see him another time in another place!

I woke up early next day to get a ferry to Koh Phi Phi or the Phi Phi islands. It was quite early and in the breakfast place I got to briefly meet a few teachers that were having their breakfast there and invited me to sit with them. Unluckily I was a bit in a hurry because I had to be back to my place and couldn’t stay very long with them, but they were nice and were asking me about what I was doing there and stuff of the like. But the islands were waiting for me to celebrate Christmas!!!


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