Happy New Year, Bangkok

My journey to Bangkok would not be free of hassles. The bus to the airport got delayed (because the driver picked up a woman with a baby that had to be dropped somewhere else a bit off route) and I arrived to the airport at 7 am. Check in was closing at 7.10 am, same time the boarding gate would open and 7.50 am the flight was departing. F*ck! I run, skipped all the que for the first security control (I made it twice because I still had my money belt on) and run again to get to the airline counter in order to get my boarding pass. I skipped this que as well. I supposed my face freaking out and my printed ticket with the numbers 7.10 am printed in bold was enough reason for everybody. The lady in the counter indicated me the boarding gate and I run my ass off to reach the real security control. I f*cked it up as I forgot I was carrying a huge bottle of water in my small backpack, for the way. The, the security staff started looking at all my liquids. They were particularly picky with the anti-mosquito from Myanmar I got from a guy in India, but there was not much of it and fortunately between all the weird sings you also could see a graphic anti-mosquito sign. So I put everything inside my backpack as fast as I could and run until the boarding gate, where the big bus that would carry us to the plane was not even there. Uffff I could breathe then.

And like that, I took a very short flight to Bangkok, where I would be dropped at the same airport of my first time and I knew better now. It felt warm and familiar. It all did: the buses, the streets, the way to the hostel… but not the receptionist, she was different! New staff! That was the only difference I could find.

I needed to get my clothes to the laundry and get train tickets for the forthcoming days but once I got stuff done, I got in bed and I only left it to get some food. I was wrecked but couldn’t get any sleep. I had the intention to go to have a couple of beers with one of the guys and one of the girls I spent Christmas with, but Jesus, I was too tired and didn’t feel like putting clothes on or going anywhere or chat and do stuff and I indeed fell asleep quite quickly.

When I woke up next day I found out there was some tour around Bangkok organised by the hostel in order to socialise and I had to take the decision between joining the tour or staying to pick up my clothes from the laundry and have clothes to go out. I went to the tour!

I met a few couples travelling and some guys, mostly guys in the hostel for some reason. Beside the fact that we ended up separated in one of the ferries and had a bit of a hard time to find the group, the tour was fantastic and got along very well with four Argentinean guys. We got a ferry to cross the river and also to go downtown, the sky train and a boat in a canal. Quite the complete experience. Once we got back to the hostel, an hour or two to chill out and get ready. I took the time to lay in bed while I called my family. I also chatted to my friends and got to catch up with the guys from Christmas, that told me that the guy had a very crazy night and he spend it at jail. Whaaaaat. Crazy, I missed that last night, ufff. I knew I shouldn’t go out that night!

And then, back down the common area in the hostel to get some barbeque and beers, organised by the hostel crew. I have to say I only had a maxi skirt I had been wearing all day, plus the ugly T-shirt I have had on and the pyjamas with me. With that choice all I could do was to choose my attire wisely: Maxi skirt and pyjama´s top. That’s how I changed year, probably nobody really realised. The atmosphere in the hostel was quite good and I enjoyed the chats and the mix. Although it was quite obvious how some nationalities were getting too drunk before time (let’s say by 10 pm they were too drunk to make it till midnight).


The crew at the hostel

I wanted to go out with the Thai receptionist I met my first time in the hostel, but I went to get some beers and then it seems that everybody made their way out to find a place to do the countdown, so I ended up with the Argentinean guys and had a blast with them. I had a great night, I happened to go to the toilet and lost them and then I came across the guys from Christmas and they were telling me about being in jail and getting tattoos together and crazy stuff and after 20 more minutes I got lost again and decided that 4am was a good time to make my way back, rest and get my shit together in the morning. When I arrived there I found one of the Argentineans, Franco, who had disappeared a while before I got lost. There he was, in the common area, sleeping. After a while speaking with people here and there, I felt I couldn’t leave him there and I had to be very persistent to wake him up and get him to the dorm. He would get there, I still don’t know how because he was super drunk, but he had the great gesture of giving me a hug before going to bed.


Count down


Party at Khao San Road with the lads


I met my old friends yay! 

Next day I woke up, checked out, got my clothes from the laundry, all cleaned, smelling great and folded. Such a feeling! I packed my stuff, say goodbyes here and there and made my way to the train station to go to Ayutthaya. There, I insisted on getting the cheapest ticket. When I got in the train I understood what I got: a standing ticket. Well, there were a few empty seats and the journey is short enough. Plus, I was surrounded by locals, so it was good enough to me!

I had the chance to read a bit of Marco Polo travels, with a change of seats in the middle. Nothing to worry about! When I got to my destination, with all the evening ahead and tired but feeling ok, I went for a Thai massage in a professional place that indicated: No sex. Massage only. I got a huge super fat Thai girl for my massage and I prayed that there was no need to walk in my back or anything of the like. There was not. Though the massage was rough enough and she applied a lot of pressure with hands, feet, elbows and knees on different parts of my body. She also got to massage my but, my ears, my head… Very complete!

A bit sore but alright and relaxed, I could catch up with my sleep to wake up next morning early. I would spend the whole next day on a bicycle to see ruins and temples. Which left me sweaty, hot, tired, tired of temples and with a very sore but. Although I had a great day on my own, exchanging smiles with locals and getting lost not only around the city but as well inside my mind.

I was thinking of the New Year. About what I want. About the kind of wishes people make. I knew what I wanted to wish everybody. But I also wanted to thank everybody that has crossed my way in this last year, because I think it has been a pretty special year for me and I feel I am in a very good moment in my life. So I posted this on my facebook page:


“Happy New Year to all you and your pretty faces! For all those that have been part of my last year, even if only for 5 minutes, I am thankful for every second spent with me. I feel grateful for the lots of amazing and wonderful people that have crossed my path. It didn’t matter how curvy or bumpy it was, the people around is always the highlight. And I would like to wish every single person a very happy new year. My best wishes for the 2017. I won’t wish wealth for anybody. I won’t wish good things. I wish that they/you have and find the strenght necessary to achieve your goals. That you work hard to create your own luck and you feel inspired by your own work. That you become rich, yes, in the spirit. That you enjoy the way to happiness, so you meet happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR.”.


I also know what I want for myself. I have learnt how to be patient. I have learnt to enjoy the little thing and to be and enjoy with myself. I have learnt many many things this last year, although the most important to me has probably been: do with your life whatever you truly want to do with it. And I am doing it.

But if there is something I need to work on is love. Love to come and love to give with no expectations. Not romantic love. Although that one is more than welcome as well. But love in the general way of it. I want that and I am willing to get it. To be able to give for the sake of giving it.

I am in a good moment of my life where I feel that I have achieved it all, not because I have achieved anything at all, but because I create my own goals and work towards them. I am winning all the hands, despite the hard times and the negative things. I am working positively and positive things are coming to me. And I plan to keep that on 2017. That and more. Keep it going girl, go wherever, do whatever and do not forget to come back to the love ones. Because those are the ones that give me my strength every single day. And I feel that they are my luck in this life. Everything else, it is to come!


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