My luck

The more I think about this term, more sure I am that it doesn’t exist. I have said so many times that the luck doesn’t exist.  That you work for stuff and then stuff happens. Effort is all it takes. Sooner or later, you get things with enough effort. Luck is to feel grateful for achieving your goal. But that only comes after the hard work has been done.


However, I do feel lucky. I have seen enough to know that I am lucky, indeed.

Firstly, I am lucky that I was born where I was born. Secondly, my parents are the best luck that could happen to me. They offered me everything on their hands. Even if it was not too much, anything they could provide, they did. The most important things they have provided me with are education and values. The strong person I am today with the strong moral and values I hold is thank to that. Also, they love me unconditionally. They have supported me in everything and encouraged me to take my own decisions. That made me took control of my life. What I probably value the most is the fact that they supported me even when they did not understand me. Then, they tried to understand me and kept my back, despite of everything, despite of thinking oppositely.

That is the luck of my life. That is what I am thankful for every single day. I work for the rest, but that, that wasn’t gained but given. The best gift I could ever have was the first gift I ever had.


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