What I want to say to the world

My friend Giampy, the Italian guy that I met in Myanmar and I was travelling with for the last week there, is gone all creative and asked me to be part of his brilliant idea. He has started asking to the people he is meeting during his travels what they would like to say to the world in one minute. And he has created a blog with the result and a picture of the person.

As I have been invited to do the same, I am taking it as an exercise for myself and using my space to develop my ideas and then provide him with the summary. Because, let’s be honest (and he recognized this himself): one minute is not enough for all the stuff I have in my head.

I like to think that I don’t consider myself on top of anybody. And although I think to tell people what to do or how to act shows some kind of superiority, I also reckon this is not applicable whenever the aim is to help instead of imposing. And that is what I intend. I love to act all psychologist, listen to people and then give an advice that might be good or not. But absolutely hate to tell people what to do. It won’t be me who says what to do with your life, firstly because I have enough with mine and secondly because not every answer works for everybody. Besides that, I wonder where the magic is if you cannot face your own decision. Albeit I might take the risk of seeming superior somehow, I would love to tell the world a few things!

  • Smile. Smile more! It is free and it is the most beautiful thing you own. In fact, it is the most powerful thing you can use against everything. A true smile from the heart is the universal language you can use with everybody. No matter where you go, who you are or the kind of situation you are into. It will always help. The most beautiful unexpected things happened to me through a smile and I can say I have made many friends just by using that.


  • Laugh more and louder. But first of all, laugh at yourself. You need to learn to laugh at yourself to be able to laugh at any other thing.  The most ridiculous situations will become the most hilarious stories in a near future. Why don’t you start now? Have fun, as much as you can. I don’t think anybody likes to be bored. Find always a reason to laugh.


  • There are also rough times in this life, no doubt. We all have our problems and for each of us, their own are the most important of all. But let’s be honest, and here I will quote my mum “everything has a solution but the death”. With that, I do not mean to underestimate any problem. Nevertheless, we tend to overdo with small problems and let them affect us too much. Nothing is going to be perfect. Nothing is going to be easy. Face it. However, positive attitude can make things change. As the main highlight in your life, you should be aware that you are free, you are healthy and because of that, you can make the most of your life and you should start now. Don’t let the small bumps in the road stop you.


  • Also, we all carry our own stones, everybody has gone or is going through different things and we don’t know what’s behind every story. It is important not to judge and treat with respect every situation. There probably is a story behind every bad judgement we can make. Save that to yourself.


  • Find the beauty in everything. Enjoy every moment. Have fun, this is your life. We spend too much time worried about what we are going to do, but we don’t look at what we are doing now. That’s a huge mistake, we cannot be thinking in the future all the time, we need to start enjoying now. Enjoy the walk you are taking to get wherever you are going. Even if you are not going anywhere. See the good things hidden in the quotidian everyday. The person working, the other one smiling, the one singing, a beautiful tree around you or an ant working hard. Watch it, everything is happening around you and you are missing it. The details can be fun, beautiful, interesting and even hilarious.


  • Do whatever you want. It is your life. Stop taking into account what others will think and see what you really think of it. Dare to live your life.


  • Anything you want to do, you can do it! It can take more or less effort. Short or long time. But it is about priorities and when you have decided on something, make it your priority number one, go and get it! Good things never came effortlessly.


There are probably like a hundred more things I would keep saying, but I think I have covered the main ones for me.


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