Little moments

That moment when you don’t remember where you are.

That moment when you wake up and it actually takes you a few minutes to realise where you are. I have experienced that before I have to say. but in a different way. Before, it was disappointing to find out I was not where I thought I would be.

Now, I just happen to not remember where I am currently, and I keep it like that, for a few minutes and then, I realise I am somewhere new, where I have only spent one or two days. And that tomorrow, it will be a different place. And just like that, you come back to the reality you are living, because it’s simply better that the dream you could have.

There is another moment I adore. The moment when you are in a public transport and I inmerse myself in a book. I keep reading until suddenly, a thought hits me and I have to look up and check where I am. Because I totally forgot. I just forgot the city I am in. Sometimes even the country. And then I check the shops around, the cars, the way the streets are looking and I remember. And only then, I can get back to my book.


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