Arrival to New Zealand: Christchurch

Inmigration asked tough questions about my stay, the reason of my visit, what I would be doing and for how long and even the name of the company I was making a tour, making sure I was not making anything up. Right before getting into my plane to Christchurch in Sydney, I got a confirmation from Couchsurfing from one of the host. Despite I advised I would be arriving late and because of that I had already booked a hostel right next to the airport, he offered me to go to his place, as he would be working in a bar in the centre of the city and it would be fun. I thought about it, but by the time I got there I was tired, my previous jet lag got worse and was a bit disoriented as there were not many people anywhere. So I just went to the hostel and had a nice sleep in a nice bed, thing that hadn’t happened in a while.

Next day I woke up, got my stuff together and took a bus to town, where I would be meeting David my host. I got to have a walk before getting there and I could notice how there were not people in the streets, just in the cars. Besides that, everything was pretty cool and the low houses and grey skies brought me memories from a familiar place called Ireland.

I met David in a cafe and we took his car to try to find a septon for him. He had lost his the previous night and the mission was impossible, nothing like that in the whole Christchurch. After that, we got some fish and chips and we got to his house. He had a lovely house and I settled there and looked at stuff to do for me in the next few days. I had almost 10 days to fill in before my tour and wanted to head north of the south island and check things out there.

In the afternoon, David suggested to go the museum as he would be meeting there with two German girls that he had hosted before and had some history with. I didn’t have anything else to do and the museum sounded perfect for a tourist just landed like me. What I found was a quick walk in the museum in the search of these two girls for reasons I didn’t understand, because when we got to find them the situation was actually awkward.

David was a Californian guy from Colombian parents quite hipster and different from me. We didn’t click from the beginning. His knuckles hitting mines at the same time he was calling me ‘bro’ as a hello when we first met just left me in a place where I didn’t know how to act. I have always considered myself quite flexible and thought that I had a great capacity of adaptability but here I didn’t, it was way out my understanding and my comfort zone. That’s why I said yes when he asked me to go the bar where he would be working that night after having a coffee with him and watch a movie and drank a glass of nice wine. He was my host and I was willing to make some connexion, have a good time and make all possible to make the situation a win-win for both.

After waiting for the heavy rain to pass, I got my raincoat on and headed to the bar where he was working. For my surprise, I found a long queue and lots of people and especially girls looking extremely well. I was not ready for that. All I did was put on a regular T-shirt and some red lipstick. It’s all I could do with what I have, to be honest. I was even wearing my runners,  I had nothing else and thought I wouldn’t be allowed in. I realised that this was more a club that any other thing and thought that this was the first time I was going out alone. In the queue I got to meet a couple of German guys and tried to engage in a conversation with them, although they were not very interesting or seemed extremely outgoing. I got to talk to a few more people and finally got in, not without been asked for my passport and doubting of my driver licence as ID proof, as I didn’t carry my passport with me.

I went to say hello to David, who immediately took care of me and prepared me a nice drink and then I had lots of fun, dancing and being around and dancing with one of the German guys, who actually tried to kiss me. Sorry mate, you are too young for me!!! (And too dull).

I waited for David to close the place and we went back together. We had lots of fun and started being comfortable, listened to some Colombian music and talked Spaninglish. I felt well. But we when came back, he suggested me to sleep in his bed instead of the floor with my sleeping bag, as it would be more comfortable. I thought about it, but then I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea and kept in my sleeping bag.

Next morning, when we woke up, he prepared some tasty brunch and after that explained that I could not stay that night because his flatmate was not okay with me around. I told him it was okay and I didn’t want to cause him any problems and looked for a hostel to stay. Then, he took me to a cheap shop to get camping stuff I would be needing for my plans in Abel Tasman, that I created out in Facebook and dropped me at the door of my hostel.

In the hostel, all I could find was just super young Germans all doing the same stuff. The country is full of Germans, apparently. I put on my raincoat again, and went out for a walk to enjoy the rainy Christchurch and do the groceries. Quite unsure if the grey sky and the rain or the experience, but I got the taste of a grey Christchurch with not much to do and see around but the reconstruction of the place.

My next morning, an early walk took me to the bus station, where I was taking a bus to meet Arcadia in Nelson and hit Abel Tasman Park. Quite excited! Adventures are coming…right?!?!




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