Georgetown: Good vibes in Penang

My arrival to Georgetown was smooth once I managed to find the bus station, take a bus and then insisted of the ferry option to get to the island instead of the bus. Call me romantic if you like, but the idea was simply more appealing.

I also managed to find a dirty-cheap place to sleep, not so dirty although bloody hot and a bit smelly. However, the vibes, as in the rest of Georgetown, were amazingly good and positive and I liked very much the owner and the Italian guy working there with him. There was something about them that simply made me feel very welcomed. And it was located at Love Lane. Isn’t that cool??!!

So, after spending my first night in the smelly dorm, I woke up next day to meet Veronica from Belgium at breakfast. And she happened to be there for the first day as well. My plan was to walk around the city and simply get lost finding the street art and the life of the city in every corner. And so was hers. So we walked together and spent a pretty good morning between graffiti and Hindu, Chinese and Muslim temples. After some food, we looked for the refuge that the hostel was offering as the heat was unbearable and a humidity of 90% was making it even worse. I spent the day looking at stuff and making my head around about what to do and how to manage without the Russian visa and all that mess that had happened. And just like that, I realised I had too much time in Malaysia and would need to find something else for between as well, coming up to this conclusion: I got tickets to go to Indonesia and see volcanoes and have a little bit of beach in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Yay!

After that, the sun was lower and life could be developed outside, so I managed to find Veronica on my way out and she joined my plan of searching the jetty clan houses. And we did indeed. We even found one that was completely full of people where some kind of festival was taking place. We were the only foreigners over there! The discovery felt amazing. After that, life in Georgetown happens between food and more food, and we sat down with a few people in a bar and then went for food together.


We saw all these people at the clan jetty and had to get closer to check it out


And so we did!

For the next day, I had planned to go to the Monkey Beach. I had heard quite a lot of it and was super interested in doing a bit of trekking through the jungle until reaching a beach, thing that I was dying for from more than a few days ago. But people around the hostel had different plans and I ended up on my way alone, as that is more than fine to me because it was what I really wanted to do.

So I took a bus and thought I skipped my stop somehow, although I had been told to get off in the last stop. But no, I then, casualties of life, I met this British guy that happened to go to the very same place than me and it felt natural to go together, although he did ask if I wanted to go with him. We trekked through the national park and along the coast, through the jungle, to get to the famous Monkey Beach. The heat and the humidity were something else and by the time we got there all I could think was of soaking myself in the ocean. Jesse was not prepared for the swimming part, as he only was planning to get to the light house. But, as I said, nobody will care if you get in with your underwear. And so he did! We relaxed a bit and enjoyed the warm water and by the time we got out, it started raining a bit because it was stupidly humid. We waited a bit for the rain to stop and then headed to the lighthouse, all worried because it was closing at 3pm and I didn’t know that, so there was not much time left. The track started to going uphill and all steep and then Jesse actually got ahead in order to get there on time, but I couldn’t manage to run with the heat and the humidity and I was already having a hard time just walking the way up. By the time I got there (and it did cross my mind to stop and wait for him to be back) it was 3pm already and I could picture the gates closing down on my face. But no, things are chilled here and I registered my name and climbed the stairs up to meet this guy up there. We enjoyed the views to both sides of the island and even an eagle doing some hunting. The way back was still tough. By the time we caught the bus, out of the National Park, my T-shirt looked like I had been with it in the water, literally. Plus, on the way back I got to break a chair in front of Jesse, what made a great joke from him if you know how famous Penang is for its food. I took it with humour. I had a great time with him and we exchanged contacts to see each other again for a beer or two. At the minute, there was no beer or any other that needed to be before a good long shower.


Enjoying the views from the lighthouse

The next day, I spent it hanging out with some guys from the hostel, looking for nice food and markets and enjoying Georgetown. Simple. In the afternoon, people left. Some were heading somewhere else, some others were actually going to monkey beach, to stay there for a few days. I actually felt jealous, I would have loved to do that, even join them, but just the day before I had got tickets to Indonesia and I had to get back to KL the next day to catch my flight there. This decision came in a rush, with no planning, but I felt I needed to go somewhere else as I would not have to wait for my passport or the Russian visa and it just seemed the natural choice. I was actually excited and I spent the afternoon reading stuff and seeing what I wanted to do around there. Then, I got a message from Jesse to grab a beer and that was bliss. It was actually what I needed after spending the afternoon “working out stuff” and he was great. It was one those persons that you come across that make you feel great and you feel you are totally yourself with them. And that night would not be less. It was good that after the first beer we changed bars because at the next bar we would come across a group of people (pretty drunk already) that made us sing and all. We were chatting away with them and that broke the kind of date feeling that I could be possibly having and made me more relaxed. The group left in a while for food and we kept our chats for a very long while.

Next day I picked up my stuff once more to get a ferry, a bus, a metro and another bus to Kuala Lumpur airport, where I would sleep also once more. I was really tired, hadn’t have any proper sleep in days because of the heat and the task of falling sleep wasn’t hard at all. The problem was that at 1am some group of Chinese people arrived to the area where me and others were sleeping and organised a mess and woke up everybody. I suppose that when you are from an overcrowded country, consideration for others is not something you really do. It’s just a cultural thing. I fell asleep again to wake up at 4 am to do my check in a sleep a bit more during the flight. In a few hours, I would be getting to Yogjakarta!


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