Bye bye 27s

This is my last night as a 27 years old person. I’ve been thinking and it feels special. Not because I am not getting any younger. Not because I got to spot another grey hair just yesterday (I have 6 now and not very happy about it, I am getting a trauma). Definitely not because I am getting one year old. But I did want to recap and take that time to think and gather what has happened.

Because I have the feeling that these 27s might have been the best year of my life. I know. I know. I like to think that the best is yet to come. But still.
I feel how this year I have nothing to regret. I made tons and tons of decisions and somehow all of them seem to have resulted more than alright.
I can remember how I started my 27s. In the library. Hell, that was tough. I started the year with exams. And not much longer after, I cried. Yep, I got emotional with my results.
By then, I already had a plan. And I made it real. I stood up, quitted my job, left my place and my friends….oh yeah, and I cried again. This time a lot. Cried of sadness, of excitement, of fear, of happiness. Altogether and the same time, with non stop.
By then, it can look like I would never stop crying. But I never did it again. Because the big adventure of my life started. I left all comforts and after an awesome and very needed time in family, I threw myself to the world. And I achieved the most satisfactory selfish experience I have ever had. And I say selfish because I am completely focus on this personal experience, despite I am being less selfish than ever. What a paradox.
I’ve been throw a lot. I have learnt more than I could have ever dreamed. I have made friends. I have made true friends whose friendship is now more valuable than many other things. I have given love and received even more. I have let go as well. I have overcome obstacles, like the night I almost cry (but I didn’t, I said no more crying) or some fucked up disease. I have put up with physical pain, with other kinds of pain…And then I have seen what real pain and suffering is and I have learnt my lesson. I also have experienced joy in so many ways and through so many people… My pain has become insignificant. Finally, I have learnt what happiness is.
And my 27s are finishing in the middle of all these, leaving the door open for more. Leaving the door open to the unknown. I am not scared. I am not anxious. For the first time in my life, I am living right where I am. I am living my present. And I am truly happy.
28, here I come!

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