Bye Bye South East Asia:  Again in Malaysia!

The day right after my birthday, I picked up my stuff to get out of Singapore. I was expecting to get a bit earlier and less tired to Malacca, but I miscalculated it. Firstly because I had to cross borders and get through immigration and that took a while and also to get off and on the bus 3 times. I mean, 3 times!!!! I will try to remember the fact that it was actually smoother than other times and the guy that received me in Malaysia had the typical conversation with me when someone sees my passport (“Oh Spain! Barcelona?” “No, Madrid”. “Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid?” “Real Madrid”  “Cristiano Ronaldo?” “No, Sergio Ramos” “Oh, I like Cristiano Ronaldo”) plus an added belated happy birthday. Such a nice guy!

Malacca received me with a lot of heat, a lot of cool buildings that were mixing the legacy of Portuguese, Dutch and British empires with Chinese and even Hindu. What called my attention the most was the over decorated tricycles that were giving lifts around. I got an extra shock when it was getting dark because besides the loud music, they added up lights!

But I was tired and after a bit of wandering I retired to my place and gave up for the day. I knew I had very limited time around and I had to leave the next day to Kuala Lumpur (again) but things are as they are.

Next morning I woke up, checked out and explored the rest of the city or what I felt it was the rest of it. The heat was intense and I didn’t want to be done for the day, as I still had to catch a bus back to KL and do stuff around there. A lot of stuff and logistics to be organised.

Once I got there, first things were first: Laundry!!! After Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia…my clothes had all the same smell. All my stuff was impregnated with a humid sweaty smell that I was sick of. So I was decided to get to a self-laundry and get absolutely everything cleaned up. It took a while. I had to go to some other neighbourhood and make myself familiar with the system and… I actually had a man next to me helping me out. And then I thought: A man is helping me with my laundry, this world is truly changing. And, I am a bloody disaster.

The next thing I learnt this day was why laundry places are the perfect place to hit on people and how awkward it can get. I mean. You are there, folding your undies in front of the guy that have just asked for your phone number after exchanging two questions with you (where are you from and how long here) and you just responded no slightly annoyed. Not cool. But hey, the guy after happens to be staying in the same area than you and also wants to go back with you, and even you slow down at minimum speed in the folding of your clothes, he decides to wait for you to go together. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. He offered to pay for my bus ticket and said goodbye politely when it was time to separate. I will take that.

Anyways, after that it got too late to see my KL girl, Eve, who had recently returned from New Zealand. So I would meet her up next day, after finishing doing my stuff. This is a parcel I had to send (I have got rid of almost 3.5 kilos!!! Such a relief for my back, for my flights and for life in general because I have sent all the wintery stuff I won’t be using anymore), getting basics as socks and doing some shopping which turned out impossible and frustrating. I hate Asian sizes. I hate the fact that I was simply looking for Aladdin pants and even those were tight in my bum and weren’t giving the comfort and the coverage they are supposed to give. I have no body to go shopping in this part of the world.

And then, I met my dearest Eve, and enjoyed food here and there, and exchanged chats and she reminded me so much to myself every time I go home and made me fear my feelings whenever I happen to be going home… The thought freaks me out, because I have no idea what I want and I know I have to go back with a motivation, a goal, a destination…Otherwise I will go bananas but… no, I am not going to figure it out, not just yet.

After amazing food wisely chosen by the local, the time for goodbyes came and I had to head to the airport to make it my house one more night. For a third time, KL airport is my house. On the bus, I had this mix of feelings on leaving South East Asia, on starting another leg of my journey… So far, I have advanced so much: India. SEA. New Zealand. And now Oriental Asia. Japan and China are here and I am expecting a completely different experience to be lived. And at the same time, I had no idea what to expect. I love the feeling, I have to love it. It is what makes me keep going.


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