Document List

Handy list of documents I need to get ready before going anywhere:

  • Passport + copies + scanned pdf copy

That was the obvious one.

  • National ID Card + scanned pdf copy

It can become handy in case something happens to my passport.

  • Driving license + scanned pdf copy

For God knows what! A car? A motorbike? A caravan/camper van?? Woohoo

  • Photos + Scanned + Copy colours

Just a matter of saving time when you have it uploaded to the computer and you are applying for something that requires your lovely face there.

  • CVs in different formats (according to countries) and also for different positions. In my case one for draftperson, one for engineering/architectural work, one for bartender, cleaner and simple jobs and a last one for teacher of English and traslation services which is all that crosses my mind that I could end up doing. All in my Dropbox.
  • Work references from all places I have been in my Dropbox.
  • Portfolio of my work in my Dropbox.
  • Copies of the qualifications and traslations of them. Also uploaded in my Dropbox
  • Insurance. Hard copy with contact data to have with me at all times.
  • Small notebook with handy useful contact numbers. Just because I won’t remember a single one of them wherever I go.
  • International certificate of vaccination plus a scanned copy in my Dropbox. It’s important in case something happens to know against what I already got my injections and when… Also, the certificate is recognised worldwide. It’s a yellow paper that will be completely useless if it gets wet so it seems a good idea to have a scanned copy.