Virginia Awards

Favourite country of all times: India

Least favourite country: Thailand

Best food found in: India
Worst food found in: Myanmar
Cleanest country visited: New Zealand
Dirtiest country visited: India
Worst ride ever in: India
Weddings attended in: India, Myanmar and Vietnam
Best trek: New Zealand
Toughest trek: Malaysia
Best beach experience: India & Thailand
Most spiritual place: India
Most superficial place: Australia
Country with the most communication issues: Myanmar
Country with the most scammers: India
Country where I have danced crazily: India, Thailand,  New Zealand & Indonesia.
Country where I have sang very publicly: Vietnam
Best local experiences: India & Vietnam
Country with the most beautiful waterfall: Laos
Country I am not done with: India & Indonesia
Worst weather experienced in: Vietnam
Shortest visit to: Singapore, 3days
Longest visit to: India, almost 3 months
Most visited place: Kuala Lumpur, 5 times so far
Longest train journey: India, around 30h
Longest bus journey: Myanmar & Vietnam to Laos, 24h
Longest plane journey: New Zealand to Malaysia
Longest motorbike journey: Indonesia, 2h with backpack included
Most delayed transport: India, 7hours
Accidented in: Vietnam, bus crash
Visited hospitals in: India & New Zealand
Longest time without food: 4 days, India
Hitchhiking in: India, Myanmar & New Zealand
Very sick in: India & Myanmar
Injured in: India, Myanmar, New Zealand & Indonesia
Bad falls in: Myanmar & Malaysia
Attacked by animals in: India (monkey) & Malaysia (snake & leeches)
Worst bruise: Laos & Myanmar
Worst internet connection: Myanmar
Funniest moments: India
Most beautiful people: India
Most selfies with locals: India
Pool party in: Thailand & Indonesia
Best  couchsurfing experience: Vietnam
Worst couchsurfing experience: New Zealand
Best airport for sleeping: Malaysia
Worst place to sleep: India, first night I arrived there
Worst city ever: New Delhi
Worst crisis: India, Agra train station
Most homesick time in: Thailand
Cheapest country: India
Most expensive country: New Zealand
Country where I have sweated the most: Malaysia
Smelliest country: India
Country where I have drank more beer: Vietnam
Worst hangover: Thailand
Record oficial days without a shower: 4 days in New Zealand
Most beautiful sky: New Zealand
Most beautiful colours in the landscape: New Zealand
Most beautiful colours in the people: India
Most beautiful colours in the water: New Zealand
Best cave: Vietnam
Insect eaten in: Myanmar
Most spicy food eaten in: Thailand
Most beautiful sunrise in: Myanmar, Bagan
Most beautiful sunset: India, Gokarna
Most difficult visa to get: Russian, I am not going